Life Saving Society Malaysia, Penang

The Society is a volunteer as well as a non-governmental organizations.  It provides the knowledge and the skills of lifeguards and cardiac arrest cases.  Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 people or volunteers participate the programs organized by The Society.

To reduce the number of death that caused by drowning in the state, The Society encourages public to learn swimming and at the same time, learn the life saving skills.  The cases of drowning has increased today, hence the responsibility of The Society is very important to provide life saving technique, “Education & Prevention” program to all the young people today.

  • One lifeguard for each family
  • To conduct “Education & Prevention” program and disseminate the importance of water safety and CPR.

To achieve the missions, the society and the volunteers strive to :

  • Reduce the number of people needed to be saved.
  • Increase the number of competent lifeguards.
  • Distribution of the knowldege on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Encourage the people to take safety measures through the program “Education & Prevention measures” when in the water, either during working or enjoying.
  • Provide the opportunities to the lifeguards to represent the state and the country to International Championship.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the lifeguards from the root level to the international level as well as exchange the experience in the rescuing sport arena.


  • To encourage and raise the awareness about safety in the water especially at the children's swimming classes.
  • To train individuals on the lifesaving skills and techniques.
  • To promote and highlight Cardiopulmonary breathing techniques through classes and seminars.
  • To encourage the formation of Rookie Patrol to be on duty at the pool and beach.