History of The Life Saving Society Malaysia, Penang


The Society offers various courses or programs for the public include the landlubbers and people with special abilities.  The programs include:
Water Safety & Survival
Uitemate - The Society of Water Rescue and Survival Research (JAPAN)
Aquatic Survival (RNLI)
Survival Swimming & Water Safety

Aquanaut Program (for the beginner)
The program is a training scheme with all the aspects of water safety including safe swimming and the lifesaving skills based on the concept of “Sports for All”.
Lifesaving Awards

  • Expired Air Resuscitation (EAR) Award
  • Elementary Award
  • Intermediate Award
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Bronze Cross Medallion
  • Instructor's Certificate (Life Saving)
  • Award Of Merit
  • Distinction Award

Professional Awards

  • ILS Bronze Medallion (Life Saver)
  • ILS Pool LifeGuarding
  • ILS Open Water LifeGuarding

The Society has forged “Smart Partnership” with many Organisation namely USM, IDT, Chinese Swimming Club, PISA, MPPP, Student Welfare Council MPPP, Ministry of Youth and Sport, schools dan private colleges to conduct lifesaving courses and seminars.


To include lifesaving sport as one of the sport in the Calender of events of Penang Tourism.  The Society & their members are actively involve with National Sport Council (MSN), Ministry of Youths & Sports, Ministry Tourism, Ministry of Education, Civil Defence (JPAM) and other Authorities to promote Prevention of Drowning through Sports, Education, Training, Seminars, Exhibitions and Certifications

The Society also involved in training lifesavers/lifeguards from JPAM to keep the beaches at Batu Ferringhi & other beaches around Malaysia safe. The Society in 2000 conducted the first Baywatch & Flood rescue training for JPAM, BOMBA, LSSMs and Volunteers for the purposes of launching Penang Baywatch and flood rescue in Penang.

The Society trained lifeguards are employed in the Tourism Industry, in Clubs, Hotels,  Public Pools, Colleges, Universities not only in Penang but Nation Wide. Many of them have become State Swimming Coaches.

To carry out international activities,  The Society through the National Association has been actively involved with the “International Life Saving Federation (ILS)”, “Royal Life Saving Society U.K.”, “Commonwealth Council of the Royal Lifesaving Society, Royal Life Saving Society Australia, Surf Life Saving Australia and Asia Pacific Life Saving Council. Our member's conducting Life Saving courses are trained in Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in UK & Surf Life Saving Australia.

The Society has very closed rapport with Surf Life Saving  Australia, Royal National Lifeboat Institute, UK, New Zealand Life Saving Association, Singapore Life Saving Society, Uitemate - The Society of Water Rescue and Survival Research (JAPAN), Thai Life Saving Society, Philippine Life Saving, Taiwan Life Saving Society and invite them to shared their experience and instructions with our Malaysian counterpart.

Administration and Management

The Society is well administer and the management committees are elected bi-annually. The society Hall of Frame are :-


Formation of Committees

  • Management & Advocator (Mr. Lim Chien Ch’eng)
  • Administrator (Mr. Geh Thuan Tek)
  • Treasurer (Ms. Khew Sha Lee)
  • Lifesaving Trainers (Mr. Ooi Eng Wah, Geh Cheow Chien)
  • CPR Trainer (Mr. Chan Ewe Aik)
  • Development & Lifesaving Training Profesional (Mr. Geh Thuan Tek)
  • Promotion, Publishing & Publicity (Ms. Beh Yock Ling)
  • Documentation & Statistics of Drowning (Ms. Leong Siew Foong)
  • Technical (Mr. Peter Khoo Boo Hin)
  • Public Relations (Ms. Beh Yock Ling & Ms. Leong Siew Foong)

Mass Sport Developments / Programs / Activities

In terms of mass sport development, The Society has engaged the scouts, Tarc, government agencies and other clubs to organize CPR seminar and course, as well as basic lifesaving course.

The groups that benefit from seminars and courses are :-


The trainers have conducted activities at the Penang Chinese Swimming Club, USM Swimming Pool, PISA, Permata, Penang Water Sport Centre and some seasides in Penang.

Organize courses and seminars on CPR, lifesaving and coaching at the state and national level.

Send the members to other states to learn the latest lifesavings techniques.

Assist in lifesaving activity during the Penang International Dragon Boat Festivals.

Development of Human Resources

The Society has trained more than 10,000 lifesaving volunteers since it established. In this three years time, The Society has trained 12 CPR Trainers and 21 Lifesaving Trainers (All of them are Competent Swimmers or water polo players an represented either their States or Malaysia) who conduct the lifesaving activities to the public.

The Society has three national examiners.  To improve the lifesaving techniques, the members are sent to overseas for lifesaving courses and to participate the lifesaving competition in the country and out of the country.

In term of development of human resources, the well-trained lifesaving members and those who have passed the courses organised by The Society will be employed as a “Lifeguard” in the swimming pool or contribute their expertise on a voluntary basis at the clubs such as USM, TAR College, Chinese Swimming Centre, recreational activities and in emergency cases such as during Tsunami, La-Nina, Dragon Boat Tragedy in Cambodia and the most recent tragedy in Penang in 2010 where six people have drowned due to lack of knowledge of water safety.

The lifesaving courses organized by the Society is supervised by a qualified instructor's before taking the examination conducted by either One or Two LSSM examiners.  All courses conducted are national (LSSM) and the international level (ILS).

The exhibition & promotional activities and demonstration held at ITPS, volunteers and the government bodies such as the following :-

  • TARC
  • USM
  • Private and Government Carnivals
  • Penang Municipal Council
  • Youth and Sports Division
  • The invitation of the NGOs

The Society has sent three members to attend helman courses and obtained the certificates of competency.  Therefore they are eligible to partipate in “Patrol Rescue Boat” competition.

The achievement of The Society at the State, National and International level are as below :-
The Society Participation

  • Our members joined search & rescue operation with other agencies at a dragon boat tragedy, where the boat capsized and five paddlers could not be found and later confirmed drowned in the sea near Macallum Penang in early February 2010.
  • Our members demonstrated water safety for the press during our the water activity to kids – Feb 2010.
  • Our members took part in the International Dragon Boat Festival Penang – Jun 2010.
  • Our members took part in the International Dragon Boat Festival – Dec 2010.
  • The Honorary Secretary was chosen to Dhaka for “Child Prevention Workshop” by LSSM  – Dec 2010.
  • Our members of The Society took part in the “1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival” and won 18 categories in June 2009.
  • Three members of The Society successfully obtained Certification for “MATE <500 GT DOMESTIC VOYAGE (RESTRICTED)” and allowed them to drive “rescue boat” and carry out lifesaving search & rescue around the island in May 2008.
  • Our members represented the State and the Nation to “Padang International Dragon Boat Race” in Indonesia in August 2008.
  • Our members represented Penang and Malaysia to the International Dragon Boat Competition at CAMBODIA-ASEAN DRAGON BOAT RACE  in November 2007 – have saved 5 participants when their boat capsized.
  • Our members represented the State in Sukma (2006, 2008) and Sukpen (2005 & 2007).
  • Our members participated National Lifesaving Competition (2006 dan 2007).
  • Our members represented Penang and Malaysia to the International Dragon Boat Competition at Yichan, China and returned with “Malaysia Book of Records”, padding the world's longest dragon boat distance, 39KM non-stop and without changing paddlers (2002).
  • Three members represented Malaysia to SEA Games 2007, Bangkok at the Water Polo event.
  • Two members represented Malaysia to SEA Game, Philippine at the Water Polo game 2005 and contributed Bronze medal to Malaysia.
  • Our members represented the State and the Nation to “Singapore International Dragon Boat Festival” in July 2007.
  • Our members represented the State and the Nation to “Padang International Dragon Boat Race” in Indonesia in August 2007.
  • Our members won the first medal in the Asia Pacific Lifesavings Championship in Singapore for MALAYSIA.  Malaysia had been waiting for this moment since 1964 – Created History in 2007.
  • Trained the State participants to the Rescue 2006 game in Nov and Dec 2005.

National Organizing


  • 5 Oct – 36th National Lifesaving Competition (Pool & Sea)


  • 20 – 21 Sept – 37th National Lifesaving Competition (Pool & Sea)
  • 9 – 12 Oct – “Strategic Planning Workshop cum Examiners’ Seminar 2003” Three committee members were presenting the paper at the seminar.


  • 5 – 7 August - LifeSaving Sport Workshop “Lifesaving Sport as a Vehicle for Increased Participation in Life Saving for Youth.
  • 7 August – LSSM Pg received LSSM for 40th Anniversary Award.
  • 2 & 3 Oct - DHL 1st National Life Saving Sports Challenge Penang 2004


  • 24 Sept - DHL 2nd National Life Saving Sports Challenge Penang 2005
  • 25 Sept – DHL 1st Open Water Rescue


  • 16 Aug - DHL 3rd National & 1st International Invitation Life Saving Sports Challenge Penang 2006
  • 17 Aug – DHL 2nd Open Water Rescue



  • 1 May - Malaysia Book of Records Award (Non-stop paddling for 39KM, the longest Dragon Boating race in the world)
  • 2 Mei - Anugerah from China “The Endurance Team Award”


  • 40th LSSM Award


  • Mass Sports Awards Penang (Finalist) 2005


  • Mass Sports Award Champion Penang 2006


  • Members awarded the “COMMONWEALTH AWARDS” as below :

Honorary Life Members
President, En. Lim Chien Ch’eng

Service Medal
Vice President, Mr. Lim Chee Gay
Honorary Secretary, Mr. Geh Thuan Tek
Certificate of Thanks
Vice President, Mr. Peter Khoo Boo Hin
Assistant Secretary, Ms. Yap Jin Lee
Honorary Treasurer, Mr. Chan Ewe Aik
Trainer, Mr. Khaw Chin Chai
Trainer, Mr. Kung Poh Chien
Trainer, Mr. Ooi Eng Wah
Mr. Kang Guan Hock

  • First Medal for the country came from the members from Penang - 2007

Mr. Geh Cheow Chien
Champion in rope rescue event at Lifesaving Sports Malaysia and International Championship.

Mr. Geh Cheow Chien & Ooi Tze Yang
Bronze Medal in rope rescue event at Asia Pacific Championship in Singapore.