Penang Heritage

Most of us associate Penang with the beaches, the iconic Penang Bridge and its glorious food. However, the capital city, George Town, has the most number of pre-war buildings in all of South East Asia which are still intact. That is why, the island is known as Penang Heritage City.

George Town (not "Georgetown" as most people tend to spell it), shows the world that its heritage buildings, art and culture can co-exist alongside modern development. The recognition by UNESCO created awareness from all levels and soon, Penang Heritage City will regain back its luster as the Pearl of the Orient.


The place is so rich with history. Since Francis Light drew out the plan of the city, it had born witness to the rise and fall of governments and ruling parties. The city was coveted by many as a strategic and natural port. It was also the guardian to the northern entrance of the Straits of Malacca.Before goods could be transported by airplanes, the one who ruled Penang, ruled the lucrative East-West trade.


The recognition by UNESCO to acknowledge George Town as a heritage city means that the initial heritage core zone and buffer zone should be preserved from further development that would change the skyline of Penang Heritage City.